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Activists of Kirov and Vologda agreed rallies on the single day of protest against landfill construction at Shies on September 22 with the authorities. Moscow city hall has not agreed action in the city center

Maria Gavrilova

Kirov's eco-activists and members of Vologda human rights movement Vmeste (Together) agreed holding a rally on September 22 against construction of the landfill for Moscow garbage at station Shies with the authorities, the correspondent of "7x7" reported on September 12.

In Kirov, the rally will be held from 11:00 to 14:00 on the square near the monument to Stepan Khalturin. The organizers announced the number of participants up to 2 thousand people. The action is going to include the announcement of public opinions about the environmental situation in Kirov Oblast, support for the termination of the landfill construction at station Shies in Arkhangelsk Oblast, a protest against the construction of a hazardous waste recycling facility at former plant for CW destruction Maradykovsky.

In Vologda, the rally will begin at 14: 00 at Tchaikovsky square. The action is going to include, in addition to speeches against the landfill construction at Shies and the import of waste from Moscow and Moscow Oblast to other regions of Russia, a protest against the regional administration’s project of concretizing the green embankment of the Vologda river.

Arkhangelsk activists of movement "Pomorye Is Not a Dump!" created a map of the all-Russian eco-protest day on September 22, where the information on the coordination of actions in different cities is published. In addition to Arkhangelsk, where activists have agreed on a rally on 9 September, the actions in Koryazhma and the village of Savinsky are agreed.

Applications for rallies have been submitted in other cities, including St. Petersburg and Moscow, but the organizers have not yet received answers to them. In Moscow, the city hall agreed to hold a rally of up to 1 thousand people in hyde park Sokolniki, referring to the fact that all sites in the city center are busy with mass events. Muscovites did not agree with this decision to protest in the hyde park, which is surrounded by forest, and intend to hold the action in the city center.

The first single day of protest against the importation of garbage from Moscow into the regions and for the termination of the landfill construction at station Shies took place in Arkhangelsk Oblast, the Komi Republic, St. Petersburg, and Yaroslavl on December 2, 2018. According to the organizers, about 25 thousand people took part in the actions. The second single day of protest took place on February 3, 2019. The action was supported in 24 cities of Russia, in Arkhangelsk about 3 thousand people came to the rally.

The most mass actions were rallies in Arkhangelsk and Syktyvkar on April 7, 2019. Despite the fact that demonstration and rally weren't coordinated with the authorities in Arkhangelsk, up to 10 thousand people participated in them. The courts fined protesters for a total amount of more than 1,7 million rubles. In Syktyvkar, the coordinated rally gathered 3 thousand people. In support of the defenders of Shies, people also held rallies and pickets in Alexandrov, Omsk, Moscow, St. Petersburg, Naro-Fominsk.

The last all-Russian day of protest was held on May 19 in Arkhangelsk in the format of a rally-concert.

It became known about the construction of the landfill for solid municipal waste from Moscow and Moscow Oblast at station Shies near the village of Urdoma on the border of Arkhangelsk Oblast and the Komi Republic in the summer of 2018. Residents of the two regions have united and are holding protests against the import of garbage to Shies. In December 2018, opponents of the landfill construction have organized a round-the-clock watch and observe the actions of the builders.


Maria Gavrilova, «7х7»

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