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Lost in immigration. Project of «7×7» about immigrants from Karelia who live in Finland
«I could not imagine myself not talking to my daughter in mother tongue»
The Secret of Numto. Shrinking boundaries of Khanty's sacred lands
7х7's report on a Natural Park and Khanty village in focus of oil producer's interest
The way of the anti-waste protest. «7x7» report from Shies nine months later
About who goes to the hottest spot of the anti-waste protest of the Arkhangelsk region and about "people in black"
Regional Kings of the Government Contract
Who makes more money on the construction sites, hospitals and roads. Rating of the "7x7" online journal
What is known about the conflict between the builders of the landfill in Shies and activists
Activists and Technopark's management put forward different versions of events
Why it was possible to organize separate collection of waste in Sweden, but not in Russia
A revolution or a dangerous system. Two views on waste recycling in Sweden
What you need to know about the case of the Pskov journalist Svetlana Prokopyeva suspected of justifying terrorism
Searches at home and in the office, arrest of activist Malov and fine to "Echo of Moscow in Pskov"