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The Council for Human Rights asked the Russian minister of interior affairs to inspect the actions of the Bryansk police. They deported a citizen of Togo who had escaped repressions

The Presidential Council for Human Rights of Russia asked interior minister Vladimir Kolokoltsev to inspect the actions of the Bryansk police that had deported citizen of the Republic of Togo Bozobeyidou Batoma. This was reported by the HRC’s press service on July 10.

Representatives of the Council believe that the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia in Bryansk Oblast has violated the laws by depriving Batoma of the right for asylum and the use of the judicial protection of this right, guaranteed by the Russian Constitution and the Convention on the Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms. Representatives of the Ministry of Bryansk insist that Batoma has not applied for asylum in the statutory form.

Togolese Bozobeyidou Batoma was deported from Russia on July 8. Since 2014, he unsuccessfully tried to get asylum in Russia, and then in Belarus. According to human rights organization "Civil Assistance", Batoma was a presidential guardsman in Togo, where opposition was protesting at that time. Batoma released two detainees in danger of death and refused to kill the leader of the opposition on the orders of the authorities, after which he managed to escape from the country. According to "Civil Assistance", in the motherland the Togolese will be imprisoned or he might be killed.


Denis Strelkov, «7х7»

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