Examination did not reveal traces of narcotic intoxication of the Karelian '7x7' correspondent Gleb Yarovoy detained before the protest action Horizontal Russia 0

The medical examination did not reveal traces of drug intoxication of the «7x7» correspondent Gleb Yarovoy, stopped by the traffic police to check before the start of the opposition action 'Nadoel' on April 29.

'This whole story is very strange,' he said, ‘because stopping the journalist of an independent newspaper half an hour before the protest action and to keep waiting for two and a half hours under some imaginary pretexts such as unhealthy skin color and smell does not sound like an accident. And it is confirmed by the words of one of the police officers about 'a certain signal'. I do not know from whom and why, but they did not catch me in my yard, but at another address, purposefully, it conveys the suggestion that this was not a coincidence. On the other hand, as the analysis did not reveal anything, it was not an obvious provocation, but most likely there was a need to detain me for some time and prevent me from covering this action.'

According to Yarovoy, he will not contest the actions of DPS officers.

On, April 29 Gleb Yarovoy was stopped the traffic police. They did not find signs of intoxication on the spot, but they still asked to for a medical examination. The journalist had to go to the procedure with his son, whom he planned to take to his relatives. Suspicions of alcoholic intoxication were not confirmed.

The police stopped Yarovoy half an hour before the start of the 'Nadoel' action, conducted by the public movement 'Open Russia'. Its representatives collected demands of citizens for President Vladimir Putin not to run for the next presidential term. The action was held without incident in Petrozavodsk.

Daniil Kuznetsov, «7x7»


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