150 people in Ust-Usa came to rally against oil workers Horizontal Russia 0

November 16 villagers of Ust-Usa, as planned, came to a rally against the tyranny of oil companies. Despite the frost, 150 people gathered on the banks of the river today. All of them were locals. Representatives of "LUKOIL — Komi" and local authorities ignored the protest action.

Photo: Maxim Polyakov

“Many came with young children, with baby carriages. Pressing questions were raised, important for people, and it was obvious: they came with children in the frost to not entirely comfortable place — the river,” organizer of the rally, activist Yekaterina Dyachkova said to «7x7».

Ten people spoke at the rally. According to the results, the protesters supported the resolution, which, according to Yekaterina Dyachkova, was not different from that adopted in the previous protest action of June 5.

“We supported Mutny mainland. They already put pipes for wells without hearings. It was said again that hearings on these matters should be carried out in rural areas, not in Usinsk, far away from us.”

Besides, social activists proposed to hold a meeting on December 18 with representatives of local authorities and the oil companies.

“Before meeting they have said many times: you will not get anything with such measures, let's arrange meetings. We answered, and did you offer to do it? And authorities answered: you don’t call us. So we call them now, and we want to hear what they have done,” she said to «7x7».

“Today your colleagues from Krasnobor didn’t come out to the rally. What is your opinion on this?” (corr. «7x7»).

“They were persuaded, and they decided that yet would refrain from protest activities. Some of their requirements were met, of course, but I think that maybe they don’t fully understand the situation. The spring will come, and they will be in the same puddle again,” Yekaterina Dyachkova concluded.

Yaroslava Parkhachyova, «7x7»


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