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First workshop in the Syktyvkar Revolt Center

«7x7» photo report

Workshop in Revolt Center
by Kirill Shein

In Syktyvkar, on March 20, a workshop “Design Code in Urban Space” and the screening of the film “Technical Aesthetics” took place in a new independent space, Revolt Center. The author and producer of the film from Yekaterinburg Ilya Polyansky together with the participants tried to create a “public task” to attract tourists to Komi. More details in the photo report of «7x7».

About 60 people gathered in the Revolt Center exhibition hall. According to Alyona Zezegova, center manager, and art curator from Petrozavodsk, Svetlana Kolchurina, the workshop is the first official event in Revolt, the center is now in test mode, and the opening will be held in June. There will be seminars, master classes, educational laboratories, exhibitions.


Svetlana Kolchurina


Alyona Zezegova

People were divided into four teams and for about an hour offered ideas on how to improve the city: new monuments and art objects, the repair of building facades, festivals.

Polyansky believes that these ideas in the future may become a technical task for designers:

“The administration, for example, may invite students to draw out the facades of buildings during study practice to make a design code. So that all the signs were in the same style, all the buildings were in the same color, the storm sewer systems were made according to the regulations. That is, the administration should be a customer of such discussions. If the administration still does not know about this, then it needs to be offered to it through cultural institutions such as the Revolt Center. We are doing this in Yekaterinburg with the help of the Gorod Mozhet Foundation, which invites all residents for discussion.

Ilya Polyansky

According to the author of "Technical Aesthetics", the practice of public discussion has proven itself in many regions of Russia, and if in the Revolt Center they hold such meetings more often, then the people of Syktyvkar will become "more susceptible to change."

After the workshop, the participants watched the director's version of the Polyansky film “Technical Aesthetics”. This is a series of films about the national culture, design and people who create the objective world in Russia. Film will become available in the fall.

From March 22 to March 24, an “ART as a conversation with the city” educational laboratory will be held at Revolt Center.

Nina Popugaeva, photo by Kirill Shane, «7x7»


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