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Car of Navalny was pasted with American flags in Kostroma

The incident occurred at the hotel in the city center

As Navalny wrote in the social network Facebook, unidentified pasted car of Alexey Navalny with American flags on election night in Kostroma.

As judged by the photos of the incident posted on the network, the incident occurred near the gates of Moscow, in the car park opposite the restaurant, landing stage on the Volga.

"And this is my car this morning in Kostroma. Smart", Navalny wrote.

Earlier facts of public expression of hatred towards politics were recorded in Kostroma. On the eve of elections Kostroma Snow Maiden with the dancers of the municipal dance group became a participant of the antiagitational reel against Navalny. Artists danced with an effigy of the opposition and made a public statement that Navalny has to fly to America and never come back to Kostroma.

Kostroma prosecutors and police had no comment on the situation yet.


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