Police seized the computer of the Kirov printing office, which printed leaflets for Navalny’s action Horizontal Russia 0

On January 26, the police came to the Kirov printing office, which printed leaflets for the "Strike of voters". The managing partner of the printing office Nikolay Plyusnin told about the visit of the police.

Plyusnin said that the police spent four hours in the building of his company and seized the computer:

"They came at the signal about printing illegal propaganda products. Just walked for more than an hour, not knowing what they were looking for."

Coordinator of Navalny's headquarter Anton Metelev said that leaflets for the "Strike of voters" campaign were printed in this printing office.

On January 28, Kirov supporters of Navalny planned a rally in the square named after Stepan Khalturin.

After the Central Election Commission did not allow Navalny to run for the presidential elections on March 18, 2018, he called to ignore elections and announced the action "Strike of voters".

On January 25, two activists of the Kirov headquarter — George Uspensky and Richard Rose — were arrested for several days.

On January 26, one of the volunteers of the Petrozavodsk headquarter was detained by members of the Center for Combating Extremism. In Kostroma, the coordinator of the headquarter, Anna Vershinina, got administrative punishment for the protest action on the birthday of Vladimir Putin on October 7. On January 23, the police seized leaflets at the Yaroslavl headquarter. On January 20 — in the Pskov headquarter. On January 22, the coordinator of the headquarter in Cheboksary, Semyon Kochkin, was fined 1,000 rubles for the distribution of illegal campaigning.

Daniil Kuznetsov, «7x7»


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