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In Petrozavodsk, picketers criticized the 21-ruble increase in pensions of labor veterans

Sergey Markelov, photos by the author
"You won't fetch more than 21 rubles."

"Shame on the government's charity", "21 rubles are not an indexation, but a canalization", "Shame on officials from the United Russia for the charity of 21 rubles" - Karelian communists of Petrozavodsk picketed the building of the local Legislative Assembly with such posters, the correspondent of 7x7 reported.


"21 rubles are not an indexation, but a joke"

The pickets were connected with the fact that on February 20, the Legislative Assembly of the region considered the issue of the amount of indexation of pensions for labor veterans. It has not been changed for the last 12 years, and now it is planned to increase it by 21 rubles.

Five people held pickets standing along Titov street. About 15 police officers watched the picketers. Sergey Andrunevich, the first Secretary of the Petrozavodsk Town Committee of the Communist Party and retired FSB lieutenant colonel, came out to the Legislative Assembly with a poster. At the last session of the Parliament, he presented the deputies with two toilet paper rolls, "thanking" the deputies for a raise of 21 rubles – this amount, according to him, was just enough for buying toilet paper. After that, Andrunevich was accused of "populism and political PR".

"Shame on officials from the United Russia for the charity of 21 rubles"

— Every year, when we organize protest actions even on housing and public utilities, on unemployment, the United Russia is constantly accusing us because they have nothing to say, — Andrunevich told 7x7. — They don't do anything to sort it out. Anyway, it is impossible to sit still, and people need to wake up, because people are asleep — they do not vote in elections, about 30% vote in every election, as a result, businessmen, doctors, teachers who are dependent on government pass laws in the Legislative Assembly and are dictated the orders, and any decision that comes from Lenin, 19 [the building of the government of Karelia] is not for the people.

"21 rubles are not an indexation, but a canalization"

The bill to increase payments to labor veterans by 21 rubles was introduced by the Head of Karelia Artur Parfenchikov and deputies of the Legislative Assembly of Karelia from the United Russia Party Olga Shmaenik, Elissan Shandalovich, Leonid Liminchuk and Alexey Heifets. It was introduced after the Constitutional Court of the region had ordered officials to index payments. According to the project, the monthly payment to veterans of labor and homefront workers will be 721 rubles instead of 700. Victims of political repression will receive 773 rubles instead of 750. Some deputies suggested increasing payments to 1,000 rubles, but the Legislative Assembly did not support them.

Sergey Markelov, photos by the author, «7х7»

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