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Syktyvkar social activist demanded the release of 73-year-old cancer-stricken Vladimir Baev, accused of extremism, on a picket outside the FSB

Nina Popugaeva, photos by the author

Member of the Town Hall Meeting of Komi Tatyana Sergeeva demanded the release of 73-year-old cancer-stricken Vladimir Baev, accused of extremism. On October 21, she went on a one-person picket with this requirement to the building of the FSB in Syktyvkar, reported the correspondent of "7x7".

Sergeeva was holding a picket at the door of the reception room, from which people came out from time to time. 15 minutes after the picket began, a police officer approached her with a man in civilian clothes and a video camera. He asked the picketer’s name and the purpose of the picket, then reported it to someone on the phone and left. A couple of minutes later, the Police Patrol and Checkpoint Service car with two police officers drove to Sergeeva. They also asked the purpose of the picket and the picketer’s name, asked about the case of Baev.

— Why was the sick man «dropped»? They absolutely have no right to do that... I agree that the man in such a state... My own brother has a stroke, I don't understand... — the senior lieutenant of the police said and, leaving, advised journalists not to stand close to the picketer in order not to "crowd".

An hour later, the picket was over, but Sergeeva told "7x7" that she would repeat it until the next court hearing on the case of Baev on October 24.


The case under Article 282 of the Criminal Code of Russia ("Incitement of Hatred or Enmity, as Well as Abasement of Human Dignity") was brought against pensioner Vladimir Baev because of his statements in social networks about Semitic peoples. He was signed acknowledgement of travel restrictions, and in May he was replaced under house arrest. At the next attack of illness Vladimir Baev went to the hospital. In October, he was urgently discharged of the hospital and arrested.


Nina Popugaeva, photos by the author, «7х7»

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