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In June this year, «7x7» will turn five years. During this time it has changed a lot. From a simple page with published news and opinions of the Komi bloggers online journal has grown into a large area, which comprises 11 regions, more than 800 blogers are constantly writing here, and there are several special sections.

The change of challenges faced by the project team (for example, to modernize and refresh the design, to make the visual part of the site more attractive, to draw attention to video content) required the change of the site. That is why in the past six months a team of programmers was working on a new version of the online journal.

Today the «7x7» team is pleased to announce the restart of the site! 

What has changed?

The new design has become easier, more stylish and modern. Besides, orange and turquoise was added to the key colors of the project (gray and black). The site itself has become wider, allowing to upload large pictures — 925 px horizontally, so readers can view the important details in the pictures.

Now the news and opinions of bloggers are united in one interactive page. However, by choosing one of the regions and clicking on the "all news" or "all opinions", the visitor will be able to go to the usual newswire and blogs.

The screen for watching videos became larger. Editors see the interest of visitors to the reports of the «7x7» journalists. Just over a month ago there was an absolute record for the number of video views. Video recording of how an unidentified man threatened our blogger for shooting icicles was watched almost 23,000 times.

Moreover, the site has a new system of the blog entries ranking: readers can see the most popular, most commented posts and their rating. "Square of bloggers" also has changed. When you put the cursor over the photo of the author you can see the beginning of his last record.

Finally, the site opened registration for bloggers from more than 30 regions. These are regions of the European part of Russia (except for the North Caucasus and the south) with no million cities. Their residents can register and write about events in their city or country, even if the region has no editorial.

Our team understands that some imperfections are possible during restart. Therefore, we request to treat this situation with understanding and make suggestions on how it should be corrected.


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