Fund raising for the patriarch of the Mari traditional religion is announced in Mari El Horizontal Russia 0

Non-governmental organization "Mari Ushem" offered to memorialize member of the clergy of the Mari traditional religion Pyotr Svistunov and initiated discussion on a monument installation on the Patriarchaya Square in Yoshkar-Ola.

The decision to start fund raising was taken on the board of the "Mari Ushem" RPO ("Mari Union"). Pyotr Trofimovich Svistunov (1931-2013) held traditional Mari prayings in sacred groves since 1963, at a time when paganism suffered persecution by the Soviet authorities. Prayings of Pyotr Trofimovich considered to be one of the most extensive and effective as he addressed directly to Mother of everything in existence (Shochynava). This kind of communication is available only to the pagan priests, who have a special talent since birth. They feel and penetrate into the holy essence of the development of all life on earth. It is believed that such a person possesses healing powers in fellowship of the Lord.


It is stressed in a statement of "Mari Ushem" that the country has not yet established monuments of Mari priests. At the same time it is suggested to discuss the place of installation. According to community members, such a place could be the Patriarchaya Square in Yoshkar-Ola.

Those who wish to support the initiative of "Mari Ushem" may transfer funds:


— Bank card — № 408 178 100 370 208 752 99/50 ;

— Or account book — DEPARTMENT № 8614 OF SBERBANK OF RUSSIA SUBSIDIARY OFFICE № 8614/015 Yoshkar-Ola, Yvana Kyrlya str., 46.

 Account № 42307810937020890934/48

 Marked "Monument to Saint P. T. Svistunov".



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