Residents of the Izhemsk villages demanded to suspend preparations for drilling of oil wells near Krasnobor Horizontal Russia 0

Let us recall that, as established by public figures, there are four such sites at a distance of 180 to 230 meters from the border of settlements. Deputies of Krasnobor and heads of local businesses and organizations reported to social activists that there was no hearing or conformation with the population on these objects.

In this regard, letters were sent to the Pechora environmental prosecutor's office and the Republican Rosprirodnadzor. However, according to social activists, at the time of any replies — a 30-day period by law — work on building sites for drilling wells may already be completed.


Besides, it was found out that the announcement of a public hearing on the matter was still in January this year. The text follows that it should be held on February 28, with the work that had to be discussed is already on process.


According to the Save the Pechora Committee site, at the public hearing, which took place in Schel'yayur on February 28, ie after completion of works the assembled expressed outrage that these hearings are post factum:


— There is nothing left for local residents, except flyblown swamp, whose value decreases day by day. Nature is befouled, wildfowl is culled. People are afraid that the drilling and especially operation of wells affect the quality of drinking water.


At the same time, according to villagers, social problems have not been solving, for example, kindergarten in Krasnobor is eaten through by fungus. In this regard, oilers were suggested to compensate for losses with social support to the village and conclude an agreement with the administration of Krasnobor to invest in the design and construction of a kindergarten in the village.


— In response, representatives of "Lukoil" said that they work according to the laws, that they don’t owe anyone, and the proposals for the construction of the kindergarten were even called racketeering by the local population.


As a result, 14 people voted for a proposal to continue work, including local officials and representatives of the oil company; offers of residents were not put to vote.


Also, according to volunteers, four more sites are prepared for drilling, though at the hearing there was a talk of only two of them.


As reported by chairman of "Iz'vatas" Nikolai Rochev to «7x7», the presidium of the public association will be gathered on this matter soon.




Viktor Ivanov, «7x7»



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