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The court refused to handle the first report about “fake news” because it had errors. An eco-activist from Archangelsk was reported to repost the announcement of a rally.

According to the news portal 29.ru, on May 23, the Oktyabrsk District Court of Arkhangelsk returned the report on activist Elena Kalinina to the police. It was written because she shared a post about an unauthorized action on April 7.

The report on Kalinina refers to the article about «deliberately untrue publicly significant information in the media or in the Internet» of the Code of Administrative Offences. It was written by the employee of Archangelsk Regional Office of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia on May 26. This is the first report regarding the anti-fake news law which was recently adopted in Russia.

The court couldn’t identify, what exactly was «untrue», from the report:

— In the report on Kalinina that the court had to handle, it isn’t specified: which of the words published on vk.com on May 26, 2018, are untrue; in what way they are untrue; by which characteristics the information was determined to be deliberately given the form of true information.  

The court noted that the violation of the procedure for organizing mass events itself has nothing to deal with the article of the Code of Administrative Offences mentioned above. What is more, there are other articles in the administrative or criminal code of the Russian Federation.

On May 15, the same court fined Kalinina because of the same repost for 16 thousand rubles under Part 1 of Article 20.2 of the administrative Code. On May 21, no violations in that court order were found so it remained in force.

The unauthorized action took place in Arkhangelsk on April 7. People demanded to stop the construction of a landfill at the railway station Shies on the border with the Komi Republic. Garbage of Moscow and the Moscow region will be buried in the landfill. 39 people were fined for a total of 1 million 82 thousand rubles for participation in the action.

Denis Strelkov, «7х7»

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