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In Mari El chemicals were used to eliminate the petroleum products that got into the Volga backwater after the ship went down

The ecological situation in the waters of the Shipyard named after Butyakov in Zvenigovo, Mari El Republic, has normalized. There, in October 4, the cruise ship "Knyaz Donskoy” went down. The engine oil that got into Volga has been neutralized with chemicals, the vice director of the factory Oleg Zinoviev reported to «7x7».

"About 50 kg of the water mixed with the engine oil has got into the backwater. This was the contents that massed up over the years of the ship maintenance, at the bottom of its hull. We had some chemicals reserved, and we used them. The water samplings are taken every day. Moreover, today's data shows that the threat of pollution has passed, Zinoviev said.

According to the shipyard executives, the ship has gone down because of the damage in its hull.

The vice director of the factory named after Butyakov reported that the owner of the ship (he is currently living in Kazan, but after the accident he came to Zvenigovo) wants to refloat the vessel from the bottom. The preparations for this work is already underway. In October 6, the group of divers specialized in refloating the boats, is expected to arrive to Zvenigovo.

The ship “Knyaz Donskoy” was at the indefinite anchorage. The shipyard waters is often used by the shipowners during the internavigational period, from late autumn till spring. The vessel had been staying in Zvenigovo for more than a year.


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