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Democratic organizations of Voronezh organized a picket

According to Facebook of the "7x7" blogger, co-chair of the Voronezh branch of movement "Solidarity" Vladislav Khodakovsky, movement "Solidarity", "Yabloko" party, the Democratic Union and a number of other opposition, human rights and anti-war organizations held a joint picket in Voronezh on August, 2.

Protesters had different requirements to the authorities: to stop the "bureaucratic multibillion-dollar theft", to hold elections without fraud, to stop "false courtly propaganda of the Russian semi-official media". Besides, the protesters demanded to release political prisoners, to stop political repression and "aggressive foreign policy of the Putin regime".

Picket in Voronezh took place on the day Airborne forces. A member of the movement "Against the Voronezh nickel mining on the Black Earth", blogger "7x7" Tatyana Frolova, who also participated in the picket, wrote on Facebook that walking paratroopers drew attention to the picket, but did not interfere with protesters.

"It touched patriotic feelings of some of them, while aroused quiet curiosity of the others," Tatyana Frolova said.


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