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Oil spill in the village of Kosino of the Kirov region

Oil spill occurred on the territory of the fuel oil facility LLC "Teploenergosbyt" in the village of Kosino of the Zuyevo district.

Oil fell on the soil surface 70 meters from the river Cheptsa. The total area of ​​the oil patch is not less than 160 m², volume of oil spilled from a tank — 16,8 cubic meters (over 16,817 liters).

Rosprirodnadzor management experts and the Ministry of Environmental Protection of the area visited the site and took samples for analysis. According to Assistant Attorney Yevgeny Shutkin, the preliminary cause of the incident was that fuel oil spilled from a faulty tank crane.

'Cleaning is not carried out yet; some samples were sent to Kirov for analysis. After the analysis is completed, we can talk about cleaning up the oil. It is on the surface of the soil, did not fall into the river. There are no intake in the river,' he said.

LLC "Teploenergosbyt" is registered in Yekaterinburg; in fact, it does not conduct activities in the Kirov region, and leases out boilers to organization that is not specified. The company itself, according to data from the Unified Register of Legal Entities, is now eliminated by the reorganization procedure.

Kirov environmentalist Gregory Poskrebyshev assessed the extent of the oil spill.

'This is a serious spill. If it did not get into the river, you should suspend and eliminate it in the next few hours, so that it did not spread to a large area. The Cheptsa River is one of the largest rivers, slightly less than the Vyatka. It is an important water body. Moreover, it is in the Zuevka district, a very good social active village. It will be very difficult to reclaim this soil now,' he said.

Katerina Klepikovskaya, «7x7»


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