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Mass march with flags of the United States took place near the Ministry of Internal Affairs in Kostroma

By coincidence, the police of Kostroma was not interested in unusual demonstrators

According to observers of the portal Monitor44, a group of youths chanting campaign slogans and chants, held a mass rally with flags of the United States near the building of Ministry of Internal Affairs.

According to the periodical, which substantiated the news with videos posted on the youtube.com, a big organized group of about 50 people holding Russian and American flags passed along (almost running) the Piotrkowsky boulevard of Kostroma, located in the immediate vicinity from the headquarters of the regional Ministry of Internal Affairs. Young men and women, students or high school students, loudly shouted: "We will take Kostroma", "We will take Russia", "America will help". Apparently, the procession was to be action, discrediting Parnas.

Soon after the video representatives of the democratic coalition stated that "the march of Parnas" was a provocation and an example of the application of the "black" political technologies against the opposition.

All the protesters were dressed in sports clothes and comfortable shoes - apparently in case they had to flee. However, the police of Kostroma which detained opposition candidates earlier directly on meetings with voters in response to complaints to "noise" of local residents, was not interested this time.

After marching down the street, a column with flagshurriedly boarded the bus with Moscow numbers, and hurriedly left.

Photos of the portal Monitor44


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