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"Wall of Memory" at the chapel of politically repressed in the capital of the Komi Republic for one day

The action "No to Gulag!" will be held at the intersection of Kirov and Domna Kalikova streets on October, 30

"Wall of Memory" will appear in Syktyvkar, at the intersection of Kirov and Domna Kalikova streets near memorial and chapel of politically repressed. Association of national and cultural associations and the Komi Republican fund "Pokayaniye" are going to co-host the action "No to Gulag!". In the future, it will operate continuously.

October 30, when the country will traditionally remember the victims of political repression, copies of the photos of rehabilitated citizens of the republic and the information about them will be placed on the fence next to the chapel.

According to Chairman of the Association of NGOs of Komi Andrei Lazitsky, the idea to make something new on Memorial Day came after the Victory Day’s campaign "Immortal regiment" where people using photos and short text briefly talked about their relatives, touched by the Great Patriotic War.

“On the day of memory of victims of political repression, we remember our relatives, pay tribute to the faceless heroism and suffering of innocent people,” Andrei Lazitsky said. “Rehabilitated people contributed to the victory. Some people chopped wood, some of them mined coal... These people have made a very significant contribution to all the areas of the national economy. There are martyrologies "Pokayaniye", which spelled out the names and other important information about these people. We want this action not to excite the public but make them do everything it does not happen again.”



The collection of photos has already begun. You can bring or send photos to: Syktyvkar, Pervomayskaya, 78, of. 10 every Monday and Friday from 10:00 to 13:00. Or send e-mail to [email protected] Also, the issues can be addressed to Andrei Lazitsky by phone 8 (912) 947-80-91.

The application must specify the surname, name and patronymic of your relative, the years of his life, a form of repression, information on rehabilitation, your contact address or telephone number. 



Yaroslava Parkhachyova, «7x7»


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