Former head of the Murmansk Parnas Kapitonov filed application against the FSB to the Investigative Committee Horizontal Russia 0

The former head of the regional branch of Parnas in the Murmansk region Andrei Kapitonov, who earlier announced his cooperation with the Federal Security Service (FSB), applied against the FSB management in the Murmansk region. He wrote about it on March 7 in his "7x7" blog.

'I'm starting a series of articles called The Northern Front,' Andrei Kapitonov wrote. 'Сircumstances are such that I will defend the Constitution of the Russian Federation here, in the Far North of Russia, in Murmansk. On February 18, 2017 I published an article "How agent of the Russian Federal Security Service rescued PARNAS" on this site. It reported on the illegal operation of the FSB in the Murmansk region against the citizens of their country, who held opposition views. I believe that the FSB officers in the Murmansk region violated the Constitution of the Russian Federation and other laws.'

In a statement to the head of the Investigation Department of the Investigation Committee of the Murmansk Region Nikolai Konnov, Kapitonov demands to check the actions of the FSB officers, who, he said, attracted him to an illegal special operation to discredit Parnas.

On February 18, Andrei Kapitonov reported in his blog on «7x7» that during the elections to the State Duma he was a candidate from Parnas and frustrated his operation to receive money from Norwegian intelligence.

On March 2 he told the «7x7» correspondent that he did not notice any reaction to his publication either from the party or from the special services.

Daniil Kuznetsov, «7x7»


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