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No miracle happened. My arrest was not cancelled

Court, the most inhumane one

It is sad and insulting that my expectations were justified and I could not find the truth in the Russian court. On November 24, Kirov Regional Court upheld the decision on my arrest for 5 days. When you read this, I will already be halfway through – 2,5 days under arrest.

"They feed me well, they treat me well" (Noize MC)

The special detention center on the Kirov embankment is under repair, it is planned to increase the number of cells. From 8 am to 6 pm (although I'm not sure: you can not have a watch here, you can only guess), a perforator is working, something is hammered, dust is all around, a sledgehammer is tapping. It's crazy. Unlike the neighbors doing repairs, you can not get up and leave the house to get some rest from this noise. It was necessary today to address to the medical worker because of the raised arterial pressure (160/100). There are other problems, but on the background of repair they look frivolous. The attitude of the police is normal, they are not happy that I am here.


I read, write, lie, eat, go to what is commonly called a toilet, and sleep. These are the main activities here. I'm alone in a double cell — I insisted on it. The area of ​​the cell is 10 meters. Once a day, members of the PMC visit me, monitor the conditions of detention. I already have some recommendations to improve conditions for the detention of prisoners. Every day the number of recommendations increases, not because conditions worsen, but there is simply no limit to perfection. It's nice to realize that my 5 days of arrest will not be in vain: several hundred people passing through the detention center during the year will be able to have better conditions of detention. I'll write in the next post about specific changes.


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