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My five days of arrest for a rally in support of Navalny

Артур Абашев

The morning of November 22 started with unexpected events. I learned from my lawyer that I was assigned an administrative arrest for a period of 5 days. After this — a call from the police, we agreed that I will come to the special detention center for administrative-detainees at 12:30 pm. So, I should be released at 12:30 pm of November 27. So far I'm in jail.

Briefly about the court

None other than the chairman of the Pervomaisky district court Zhizhin judged me. I did not initially expect anything good from a person with a patronymic Vissarionovich and Dzerzhinsky's statuette on the office desk, but I did not expect that he neglected common sense. I was accused of organizing single pickets, which appeared to be a public event that needed notification. This is the first such case in the Kirov region. We announce in court that we filed 3 notices for actions in support of Navalny on October 7. The materials of the case include the response of the city administration and 3 notifications. As a result, I get 5 days for part 2 of Article 202 for the fact that the notice was not filed.

Having received the court decision, we immediately filed a complaint to the Regional Court. It should be considered on November 23.

P.S. I handed over this letter for publication in the blog through the lawyer. Read the following posts on the pastime.


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