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Arson of my car

Артур Абашев


Just returned home after all the explanations and statements (to firefighters and investigators). It's about 4 am (I remember that fascist Germany attacked Russia on this day and time). My car was set on fire around 12:40 am. I know that many people will call me tomorrow (i.e. today): friends and journalists. Sorry, I don't really want to remember and repeat it, this is not the situation that I want to talk about again and again. I saved up for a car for more than two years and bought it only 3 months ago, just changed the oil and repaired the suspension.

I decided to describe everything in this post so that there were no questions. If you will publish information from the blog, please do not forget to put an active link.

So, what happened: I parked the car at 7 pm; at about 12:40 am the alarm went off. I looked from the balcony and saw that the left front part of the car (from the driver's side, the hood-wheel) was burning. Called the fire department immediately (they already knew), ran out with a bucket of water, then continued to put out with water from a puddle; after about 5 minutes the firemen arrived.



There is an arson witness, so I can state that it was arson; the witness's data and his words were recorded. I gave the explanations, wrote a statement demanding to find the arsonist and bring him to criminal liability. The police officers were looking for his traces with the dog (what was found is the secret of the investigation), experts inspected the scene of the incident and seized the evidence. Due to the slowness of the police officers who arrived about 20 minutes after the fire, they were not able to follow a hot scent. Whether this slowness was deliberate or accidental – one can only guess.



Do I associate the arson with the opening of Navalny's headquarters? I do not believe in coincidences for many years. On June 21, we started the work of Navalny's headquarters in Kirov, and this same evening they set my car on fire.

Will the incident affect the work of the headquarters? – No, it won't; the staff will work in the previous regime.

Will the incident affect my activity in the PMC? – No, it won't; I will continue to protect the rights of criminals, detainees and suspects. Criminals should receive punishment, but in the form of deprivation of liberty, rather than torture or inhuman treatment.


Googled about burning cars in Kirov. The conclusion is sad, even the facts of arsons are chalked up to a wire. Here is the material of the portal gorodkirov of March this year http://gorodkirov.ru/content/article/video-avtomobili-na-parkovke-v-kirove-podozhgli-20170320-0910/


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