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Again about refugees crysis

Андрей Родионов
Андрей Родионов
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Looks like the topic of refugees crysis becoming actual again, and then I’d like to describe my own position.


Actually I do not supporting any side of social conflict.


I can’t support people welcoming refugees, because:


  1. People coming to the EU from Syria, Afganistan etc. are not refugees in law.

Accoring to the Dublin Convention about refugees (the main UNO document regulating this question) peson can be recognized as refugee only in case of asking an asylum on the very first safe territory for him.

By the way, about year ago Sweden declined an asking about refugees from Russian LGBT activist came into Shengen zone through Estonia only because of he did not ask an asylum in Estonia.


  1. Cobra Effect.

About Cobra Effect: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cobra_effect

Modern situation looks like this: any resident of any territory where the war is going on have an opportunity to ask an asylum at least in any country of the European Union.

Refugees getting not only resident permit (very often even better permit than ordinar immigrants) but at least free food, host and integration course. In the rest of cases people are getting better life conditions than on their motherland. They becoming a persons who interested in war conflict in their home location never ends.

As well it’s provocating new war conflicts in the world.


I immigrated to Latvia in legal way despite I have an opportunity to ask an asylum:

http://novgaz-rzn.ru/novosti/1217.html (in Russian)


If I’d ask, I’d had a lot of benefits: naturalization after 5 years instead of 10, free stuff etc. But I don’t want to do it, because I don’t want to have a moral debt towards society I living. Resident permit – that’s what I got by myself, refugees status is what could be given to me by another people.


Why I can’t support people against refugees accepting:

There are no real argumentation, only emotions.

Maybe if these people used arguments I just showed I’d agree with them.

But actually they are just talking about results, not about reasons.


Level of criminality is growing? As for me, I am sure that after the EU widening-2004 level of criminality in Western Europe grew even faster.

We don’t want to pay welfares? Nobody wants. But we have to follow the rules we confirmed. Of course, it’s should be better if there are no any refugees at all, but we should deal with what we have.

Islamisation of the EU? Membership in the EU for Eastern Europe already means islamisation, because millions of the EU citizens are muslim. By the way, any peson can become a muslim if he want. For example, the head of Latvian muslims is ethnical Latvian.


P.S.: In June,2015 I spent one week in Budapest, Hungary. While our session at the same place was a session of youngers from whole Europe working with refugees. I had not heard even one word about problem of refugees in Hungary. In July, 2015 Budapest was called by Mass Media as a capital of refugees crysis. Quite possible, someone powerful wants we discuss fictional problems instead of real one.

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