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Let’s be Europeans. Let’s secure Europe.

Андрей Родионов

‘’We must secure Europe’’ , - writing in their posts modern Europeans. What does it really mean?

The most primitive way to measure people – to measure about how they are look like or whom by they was born. Until Europe devided people by their genessis, Europe was almost stoped in it’s social and economical development. A real European sunrise came, when Europeans began to respect people for their acitivities and benefits for others, not for their pedegree.

French people say:”Remove 100 people from French History, and French History will dessapear’’.

One of the biggest roles in building of modern European Civilisation was played by jews: people with not European origin and not European religion and culture. By the way, nowadays remembering some great European scientists or politicians we often forgetting about their ethnicity, which was far from original European. And it’s  just an example - there are thousands of non-Europeans lived and living in Europe who made our life much more better.


But now saying about security of Europe people mean, that we must secure Europe from foreigners. If so, can we call Europeans ourselves?

A lot of people in Europe don’t  want to see refugees from the East. A lot of youngers don’t  want to see Ukraine as a European Union part. Senior generation of latvians, lithuanians hungarians and people from another ex-socialistic countries fighted for their freedom and builded a road in United Europe. They deserved a right to be a part of this society. But I want to ask youngers:


Imagine, that tomorrow you will wake up in some non-European country with non-european passport and ethincity, but with all your skills and knowledge. Can you apply documents to come legally to EU again? If not, does yourselves are Europeans enough?


It’s still does not means that all the doors in Europe shall be open for everyone. It’s means, that we shall give an opportunity to everyone, no matter where he was born.

Until Europe have equal opportunities and respect, Europe staying Europe. To lose it means to kill European success. Let’s stay Europeans. Let’s  secure Europe together.

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Андерс Родионовас
25 апр 2016 15:06

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