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EU and Turkey: the only way to solve the problem of refugees

Андрей Родионов

The Bond between EU and Turkey about refugees is the only way to solve the problem in correct way. Since 20th March no one more asylum seeker from Syria crossing the border can be recognized as refugee in EU and shall come back to Turkey. In return Turkey will get 3 billion euro from EU to care about new asylum seekers.

According to the Convention relating to the Status of Refugees (1951) person can be recognized as refugee only if he asked for asylum at first safe territory for him. Then people from Syria, who escaped from the war zone, can't be recognized as refugees in EU unless if they arrived there straight from Syria.

In the same time, refugees are more or less common responsibility of countries ratified the Convention. For example, the same refugees could come to Europe by flight or by ship without staying in any another country. That's why it's more correct to help Turkey by subsidization.

Hopefully, now their way will become more safeful and we will not see drown kids on seabank or people died by asfixia in trucks anymore.


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