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Для баса и контрабаса: W. A. Mozart, Arie ''Per questa bella Mano''

Владимир Ермилов


Per questa bella mano
Per questi vaghi rai
Giuro, mio ben, che mai
Non amero che te

L'aure, le piante, i sassi,
Che i miei sospir ben sanno,
A te qual sia diranno
La mia costante fe

Volgi lieti o fieri sguardi,
Dimmi pur che m'odo o m'ami,
Sempre accesc ai dolci dardi,
Sempre tuo vo' che mi chiami,
Ne cangiar puo terra o cielo
Quel desio che vive in me

By this fair hand,
by these lovely eyes,
I swear, my dearest, that never
will I love anyone but you

The breezes the plants, the stones,
which know my sighs full well,
will tell you how constant
is my fidelity.

Turn your proud gaze happily on me
and say whether you hate or love me!
Ever inflamed by your tender glances,
I want you to call me yours forever;
neither earth nor heaven can change
that desire which dwells within me.

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