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  2. In Petrozavodsk, a war veteran protested against an illegal addition to his house

In Petrozavodsk, a war veteran protested against an illegal addition to his house

Andrei Makarov
Veteran Nikolai Bakinov
Photo by Andrei Makarov

On May 9, residents of the house No. 30 in Alexander Nevsky Street in Petrozavodsk held a rally to support veterans who have been fighting for the demolition of the Nevsky Passazh shopping center, illegally attached to their house, for more than 10 years. Veteran of the Great Patriotic War Nikolai Bakinov was among the participants of the meeting. The correspondent of 7x7 reported this.

Participants of the rally attached a poster to the shopping center’s window saying, "Dear court marshals! We want to know when you will proceed with the execution of the Karelian Supreme Court's decision on demolishing an illegally installed addition to our house? Residents of the house."

Veteran of the Great Patriotic War Nikolai Bakinov, who went on hunger strikes and held one-person pickets, handed over medals for the 70th anniversary of the Victory together with another war veteran Vladimir Dmetsov, lost his wife, and had to move to a rented apartment because of the addition during the fight with it, was among the rally’s participants. He attended the rally with a poster saying, "You finished off my wife — you can finish me off."


Bakinov's neighbor, retired judge Mikhail Goshkiev, called what was happening to them lawlessness.

"Everyone has come here today to support our veterans. Unfortunately, the police are misconducting. The person who has notified [everyone about the rally] with a request to come and help the veterans, was suddenly detained yesterday," Goshkiev said. "We ask those who can give us a hand: please help us to protect the veterans. Nikolai Grigoryevich Bakinov, who is participating here today, was ordered by doctors to move out of his apartment in order to maintain his health. This is lawlessness committed by our officials, isn’t it? Would-be thanks to [the Head of the Republic] Parfenchikov and others who provide such assistance to veterans of the Patriotic War."

Photo by Andrei Makarov

On May 9, police officers watched the people gathered at Nevsky Passazh. They asked in which apartment the citizens lived and dictated what was written on the poster to someone on the phone.

Karelian blogger Alexei Trunov was going to participate in the rally in support of the veterans — he published an appeal to townspeople with a request to support the veterans on his page on a social network. He was detained by the police on the eve of the rally, on May 8. A report was drawn up against Trunov under the article on arranging a public event without notice, and he was taken to the Ministry of Internal Affairs’ detention room. In the morning of May 9, the judge sentences Trunov to a day of arrest. The blogger himself is convinced that the rally does not need to be agreed, since this is an ordinary meeting of residents.

Residents of the house No. 30 in Alexander Nevsky Street have been seeking the demolition of the illegal shopping addition "Nevsky Passazh" for more than 10 years. Back in 2014, the court ruled to demolish the addition, but it has not been executed yet. According to residents, there is evaporation coming from this addition in summer; rats run around and the air temperature in apartments rises because of it, too.


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