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  2. Residents of Yoshkar-Ola have collected signatures against draining and building up the pond. The mayor's office promised to leave it until 2024

Residents of Yoshkar-Ola have collected signatures against draining and building up the pond. The mayor's office promised to leave it until 2024

Alexey Seregin
Photo by gg12.ru

Residents of microdistrict 9B of Yoshkar-Ola gathered more than 150 signatures against the plans of the Stolitsa-Stroy company to demolish and build up a pond with high-rise buildings, where residents are used to rest. On February 26, at a meeting with citizens, representatives of the developer and the mayor's office tried to convince people that the pond would become shallow after the construction of the storm drain, but in the end they promised that no one would touch the pond in the next three years. This was reported by the 7x7 correspondent who attended the event.

The pond in the middle of the actively developing microdistrict 9B of Yoshkar-Ola is the only green area and resting place for locals. In winter, people like snow tubing there, in summer they swim, have picnics and feed ducks.

On February 1, 2021, the Yoshkar-Ola administration signed the decision on preparation of documentation for the territory planning of microdistrict 9B, which is being built by Stolitsa-Stroy. The project for the planning and land surveying of the territory involved draining the pond and the construction of apartment buildings there. On February 12, workers with equipment came out onto the ice of the lake and started drilling the ice, which was considered by the residents as the beginning of drainage works.

Outraged by what was happening, residents of the microdistrict started collecting signatures under an appeal to the mayor of Yoshkar-Ola, Yevgeny Maslov, with a demand to preserve the pond and improve the area around it - create a park zone, build a children's playground and sidewalks, install benches and trash cans. In two weeks, 152 people signed the letter; signatures are being collected at the entrance of one of the houses in the microdistrict.

In response, the local branch of «United Russia» organized a meeting with residents. Around 150 people came to the meeting in the Social and Political Center of the Republic of Mari El: residents of the district, employees of the Yoshkar-Ola mayor's office, deputies of the State Assembly of Mari El and municipal assemblies, representatives of the developer.

The representative of the Stolitsa-Stroy company, Alexander Suvorov, said that the 9B microdistrict needs a storm drain, since the basements of buildings on some streets are already flooded. But in the case of the construction of this drain system, the pond, which is protected by the citizens, will become shallower, since the melt water drains that feed the pond will go into the storm drain system. Suvorov was told by the audience that the pond existed long before the construction of apartment buildings in the adjacent territory and had never dried up, so the construction of a storm drain should not lead to the liquidation of the pond. Moreover, residents said that the liquidation of the reservoir could lead to even greater flooding of the surrounding houses.

Aleksey Sherstobitov, the deputy of the Medvedevsky municipal district of Mari El, noted that there is a draft planning of the district's territory, approved by the Yoshkar-Ola administration in 2017, which includes the preservation of the pond. The deputy said that he did not understand why, with a valid document, the developer had plans to drain the reservoir. In response, Alexander Suvorov assured the speakers that draining the pond was only an option and a decision had not yet been made.

The moderator of the discussion, deputy of the State Assembly of Mari El Grigory Peisakhovich, told the audience that the final project for the development of the microdistrict would be discussed at a public hearing in Yoshkar-Ola. The audience replied that the results of this procedure are advisory, and if the Yoshkar-Ola administration and the developer want to dig the pond, they will do it, despite the decision of the participants of the hearing.

All residents of the microdistrict, who asked the developer and the Yoshkar-Ola mayor's office questions at the meeting, spoke in favor of preserving the pond as a place of recreation for the residents. The deputy head of the Yoshkar-Ola administration, Aleksey Igitov, assured citizens that the pond would definitely not be drained until 2024, when it is planned to build a storm drain in the microdistrict.

 At the same time, the official made it clear that the improvement of the territory adjacent to the pond is not included in the plans of the mayor's office. When deputy Alexei Sherstobitov was surprised that the pond was not included in the republican program "Creation of a modern urban environment", although 250 people voted for its arrangement, with the necessary 100, Igitov explained that the site on which the pond is located was sold to the developer, and the funds of the republican program according to the law, cannot be directed to the improvement of private territory.

In concluding the meeting, deputy Peisakhovich suggested that the participants gather again in April 2021 and try to reach a compromise on the issue of preserving the pond.


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