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Entrepreneurs and medical workers are the leaders in the list of the hidden victims of coronavirus in Russian regions

Digest of the Unobvious Coronavirus Victims Project from April to June 2020

Anastasia Sechina
Photo from 7x7’s archive

The team of the Unobvious Coronavirus Victims Project has finished a three-month monitoring of problems related to COVID-19’s distribution in the regions of Russia. The goal of the project is to highlight the hidden consequences of the coronavirus pandemic and to tell about its victims who have not been noticed publicly. Journalists identified six categories of people who suffered the most during the coronavirus.

Entrepreneurs have been open about their problems since the beginning of the pandemic. There was a different situation in public health service: up to a certain point, medical workers hardly spoke about the difficulties they faced and how their rights were violated. The number of signals about problems in public health service has suddenly increased after the President reprimanded the regions because of delaying payments for working with coronavirus.


Krasnodar Krai has become the leader in the number of signals within three months. It has the biggest number of signals both in general and in particular categories: the inability to protect one’s rights, punishment for publicizing problems, poor living conditions in hospitals where coronavirus is treated. There are quite a lot of signals in the region about unnecessarily harsh measures of the police during the period of self-isolation.

The North Caucasus District is the leader in the number of reports of the police’s wrongdoing, with Chechnya taking the first place. The Far Eastern District is on the top in terms of increased workload for medical workers, and Siberia — in terms of complaints about conditions in hospitals and observators.


There were almost no reports about a lack of protective equipment for medical workers in the Ural District, and there were no reports of fraud in terms of coronavirus in the Far East. In the North Caucasus, there were no signals about animals starving in zoos and circuses, in the Volga District – no signals about increased workload for health workers.

You can learn more about the problems reported by residents of the regions on the page of the Unobvious Coronavirus Victims Project.


Anastasia Sechina, «7х7»

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