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Rosfinmonitoring put Ivan Lyubshin who was sentenced to five years in prison for a comment into the list of terrorists

Denis Strelkov

The Federal Service for Financial Monitoring put Ivan Lyubshin from Kaluga into the list of terrorists and extremists. The relevant piece of news was published on May 28 in a Telegram channel which uses a script to track changes in the list.

Ivan Lyubshin from Kaluga was included into the list of Rosfinmonitoring as convicted of justifying terrorism. In 2018, he was already in this list as an extremist in the case of the rehabilitation of Nazism for posting a video criticizing the actions of the Soviet leadership during the war.

In March, the resident of Kaluga was sentenced to five years and six months in prison for a comment about Mikhail Zhlobitsky, the "terrorist from Arkhangelsk". The court considered that Lyubshin's comment had justified the actions of the 17-year-old anarchist; Lyubshin himself did not consider his comment to be approving. Two weeks ago, the court rejected Lyubshin's appeal against the verdict.

The Team 29 Human Rights Organization believes that people listed by Rosfinmonitoring are disabled to open bank accounts, get salary cards, come into inheritance, be insured, receive alimony or insurance payouts, issue a power of attorney, and manage deals with a notary.


Denis Strelkov, «7х7»

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