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Ryazan developer will re-equip the entrance hall for a child with a disability. The plaintiff's side in court was represented by the lawyer of the Ryazan Memorial

Ekaterina Vulikh
The hoist
Photo: vk.com/rznmemo | Ryazan human rights society MEMORIAL

The developer of the Kvartal LLC will replace the hoist and re-equip the entrance hall in the new building on Sheremetyevskaya street so that disabled people can go upstairs. This was reported to 7x7 on January 19 by Pyotr Ivanov, a lawyer for the Ryazan historical, educational and human rights society of Memorial. He represented a family with a disabled child living in the house in court.

On January 15, a settlement agreement to replace the hoist mechanism in the entrance of the building No. 6 site 2 on Sheremetyevskaya street was accepted in the Moscow District Court between the representative of the developer and Olesya Nemova, the mother of a child with a disability. The developer also decided to compensate for disbursements and pay the nonmaterial damage to Nemova, who could not use the mechanism for hoisting disabled people to the upper floors for several years because of the imperfection of the device itself. When moving, the platform made noise that scared the child, she had to go up and down the stairs several times to turn the mechanism on and off.

The resident of Ryazan appealed to the Memorial Human Rights Society. Lawyer Pyotr Ivanov made a claim to the developer, but the company did not respond to it. Then the lawyer went to court.

— The representative of the developer called my client and informed her about the decision of the management to install a more modern and safe hoisting mechanism even before the court session. This is very important: the heads of the building company realized that providing disabled people with special mechanisms for hoisting was a vital necessity, — Ivanov told the correspondent of 7x7. — This is a good precedent in our region.

The lawyer noted that building companies used to pay token approach to the installation of special devices for disabled people: they saw the hoists and purchased them without taking them for a spin, without thinking if it would be convenient for a disabled and an accompanying person. He believes that the signed settlement agreement is the first step of developers to change their attitude to the problems of disabled people and in the future they will move away from token approach when equipping homes with access facilities.

In October 2019, online magazine 7x7 reported the problem of Andrey Sachkov, a disabled person from Ryazan, who defended the right to install a ramp in a new building from the Unity Building Company in court, but the developer did not comply with the court's decision.


Ekaterina Vulikh, «7х7»

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