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Shies defenders united into a commune to preserve natural environment on the territory designated for the landfill for Moscow garbage

Maria Gavrilova, photo by Natalya Prokhorenko

Environmental activists have created a community of opponents of the construction of the landfill for garbage from Moscow at station Shies in Arkhangelsk Oblast. According to community "Committee for the protection of the Northern Dvina, Kotlas", they adopted the declaration on September 15.

The main goal of the commune is to preserve the natural environment at the station of Shies and the surrounding areas.

Members of the commune are citizens who live at Shies, including temporarily, "at the summons of the heart". Those who live at station Shies against their will (policemen, construction workers, security guards, railway employees) are not accepted into the commune.

- The camp [at Shies] has actually become a commune, according to the words’ definition, a long time ago. We wanted to convey this definition to the authorities, to the police. We just want the commune, once Shies is still a human settlement, to be considered as a population, - activist from Kotlas Natalya Prokhorenko told "7x7".

The declaration sets out the principles of the commune: no hierarchy, majority decision-making, eco-friendly and healthy lifestyle. Activists, living in a tent camp at Shies, adopted this document unanimously.

It became known about the construction of the landfill for garbage from Moscow and Moscow Oblast at station Shies near the village of Urdoma on the border of Arkhangelsk Oblast and the Komi Republic in the summer of 2018. Residents of the two regions have united and are holding protests against the import of garbage to Shies. In December 2018, opponents of the landfill construction organized a round-the-clock watch and observe the actions of the builders.

The builder of the landfill, company Technopark, officially announced the termination of work on the construction site from June 15 and the beginning of examinations and inspections. The equipment was partly taken from Shies, but eco-activists have not decamped and continue to monitor the territory. 


Maria Gavrilova, photo by Natalya Prokhorenko, «7х7»

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