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Authorities of KhMAO did not allow LGBT-activist Nikolai Alekseev to hold actions in the district because of «the prohibition of gay propaganda among minors»

Aigul Khismatova

The authorities of several settlements of Khanty-Mansi Okrug refused to agree on processions, pickets, and rallies in defense of sex minorities, planned by human rights and LGBT-activist Nikolai Alekseev. Officials explained that their refusal was based on the Russian law that bans gay propaganda among minors. Alekseev wrote about it on July 14 on vk.com.

Nikolay Alekseev planned to hold actions in 11 cities of the district: Nefteyugansk, Pyt-Yakh, Surgut, Kogalym, Langepas, Megion, Nizhnevartovsk, Pokachi, in the villages of Poikovsky (Nefteyugansk district), Bely Yar (Surgut district) and Izluchinsk (Nizhnevartovsk district).

Alekseev suggested turning Kogalym into the Russian gay capital and the center of Russian and international gay tourism, as well as to reinstate Sergei Sobyanin as the mayor of Kogalym (the current mayor of Moscow headed the administration of Kogalym from 1991 to 1993). The activist submitted notices of public actions to the administrations of cities and villages of KhMAO, but the officials did not accept them. According to Alekseev, local authorities reacted to the notice standardly:

- Nobody tried to jam me up, no city of Yugra. In a couple of places, we even discussed the possibility of changing a place.

After having received the refusals, the activist said in social networks that "all refusals are urgently appealed in local courts, and the cases will be brought to the European court of human rights if necessary." The responses of the officials of the municipalities, where the LGBT-activist was planning his human rights actions, were also published on Alexeev’s page on vk.com. In documents, refusals are motivated by the Russian legislation which forbids gay promotion among minors. Nikolai Alekseev himself does not agree with this formulation:

- The events were planned strictly as the human rights promotion. And the topics were declared to be unrelated to any propaganda, including those in support of the implementation of our winning decisions of the ECHR.

Nikolai Alekseev said that he would not stop and was going to continue to push and promote gay parades in Russia. According to him, he has applied to 380 cities in 81 of 85 subjects of the Russian Federation.


Aigul Khismatova, «7х7»

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