Bully in Kostroma was fined for disrupting the picket in memory of Boris Nemtsov Horizontal Russia 0

Police of Kostroma made an administrative report of disorderly conduct against a local resident Ivan Morozov, who disrupted the picket in memory of Boris Nemtsov on the town square. According to representative of the regional Ministry of Internal Affairs, the bully was fined 500 rubles.

Emergency on Susaninskaya square occurred in the afternoon of April 12 during an agreed public event.

Representatives of the Alternative Public Chamber were at the fire tower in memory of the politic Boris Nemtsov shot in Moscow with his portrait and handed out pamphlets written by him, "Putin. Results" and " Putin. Corruption".

During the event a young man attacked activists; shouting obscene words, he torn poster criticizing the President and broke the bait, on which the transparency was strengthened. Participants of the rally detained him on their own and handed over to the police, who took him to the department.

“There is an administrative report for disorderly conduct on this citizen,” the Ministry of Internal Affairs told.

As participant of the event, the lawyer Victor Epifanov explained to "7x7", representatives of Alternative Public Chamber asked information about the incident in the police department № 1 of Kostroma.

“Sanction of the article "disorderly conduct" involves a fine from 500 to 1,000 rubles or administrative arrest for up to 15 days. The police explained to us today that the bully was fined 500 rubles because he has committed an offense for the first time,” Epifanov said.


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