Murmansk Regional Court dismissed the complaint of GDM in the case of recognition of "foreign agent" Horizontal Russia 0

Murmansk regional court concluded consideration of the complaint of "Humanistic Youth Movement" against the October District Court decision. GDM lost the case and now will likely join the list of "foreign agents". Let us recall, the organization had to voluntarily apply for inclusion in the register of "agents" just because it published human rights youth newspaper, but didn’t do it. The court found it a violation. The GDM leaders tried to challenge the decision, but to no avail.

Today the Regional Court came to the conclusion that it had no grounds for cancellation of the decision of the district court. At a meeting it was scheduled to hear the opinion of the regional Ministry of Justice on appeal and to examine the act of the prosecutor's investigation, but there was no act in the audit materials; and the Ministry of Justice only informed the court that it considered appropriate consideration of the application without its participation. Earlier, during the process of the district court the Ministry of Justice has provided conclusion that it doesn’t find signs of a foreign agent in the activity of "Humanistic Movement of Youth".

“The Ministry of Justice was against the prosecutor's suit during the process, still didn’t include the organization in the registry. Therefore, the possibility remains that the management of the Ministry of Justice of Russia in the Murmansk region will honestly fulfill its duty and on the results of the consideration will report that it has no authority to include organizations in the register,” — the representative of GDM Alexander Peredruk said.

The organization's management has decided that it will not carry on business in the status of a foreign agent:

“We will provide the application to the Ministry of Justice, but if there is a positive response, then we will close the organization,” Deputy Chairman of GDM Tatiana Kulbakina said to «7x7».


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