Problem of Shagovsky pond "swam" to the regional Duma of Kostroma Horizontal Russia 0

According to the regional Duma, at a meeting of the relevant committee on January 15 the regional Duma of Kostroma deputies will consider the problem of housing of Shagovsky pond that caused rallies, pickets and protests by local residents.

Photo: Regional Duma of Kostroma and Shagovsky pond Defence Committee

The problem of construction of a cafe on the area of Shagovsky pond will be discussed by members of regional parliaments in Kostroma. During the spring session of the regional Duma controversial issue will be considered by the agro-industrial policy, rural development, natural resources and the environment.

"It is expected that members will consider the appeal prepared by the public committee “In Defense of Shagovsky pond” and drafts of federal laws to be discussed at the next meeting of the regional parliament," was said in a statement.

Earlier activists of the Shagovsky pond Defence Committee sent a petition to the governor of the region Sergei Sitnikov and regional prosecutor Yuri Ryzhkov, demanding to stop the construction site of an ancient pond at the center of Kostroma. They demanded the authorities to pay attention to the cutting of trees around the pond and questionable practices of "archaeological investigation" that contractors have begun to carry out using an excavator.


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