Unknown person hung a sign with the dates of Victor Savin’s arrest and death in the camp on his monument in Syktyvkar Horizontal Russia 0

In the afternoon of December 26 a man, who wished to remain anonymous, called to «7x7». He reported that he hung a sign on the monument of Komi writer Victor Savin near Academic Drama Theatre named after him, reminiscent of the tragic fate of the playwright.

Photo: Yaroslava Parkhachyova

“You can come and take a picture if you want. I "belted" him. I wanted to remind people that there were famous people on our Komi land who have suffered in the years of repression,” he added.

On the questions of the online journal "why?" and "why now?" the man replied that it was his protest against the initiative to erect a monument to Joseph Stalin in several Russian cities, ran through before and after the 135th anniversary of his birth.

The man wrote on the sign, who is Victor Savin, when he was born, arrested and rehabilitated.

Victor Savin was slandered and condemned in October 1937 as an alleged member of the mythical "counter-revolutionary bourgeois-nationalist organization". Writer died in detention in Camp Division Prikulka near the station Itatka of the Tomsk Railroad in August 11, 1943. In 1955 the playwright was rehabilitated by the Presidium of the Supreme Court of the Komi ASSR.

Residents of the Komi capital running in the cold mostly took no notice. According to observations of the correspondent of «7x7», a few people stopped in front of a monument, but they didn’t understand the meaning of the action. Read and moved on.

On the news that there was an action at the threshold of the theater, workers of theatrical wardrobe reacted violently:

“What sign? Who hung? Who vandalize?” women started wailing.

However, when they saw a photo of the protest sign, one of them has said calmly:

“They wrote the truth, everything is fine!”

In the theater at lunchtime we were told that management was away on business, so there was nobody to respond.

Later Director of Academic Drama Theater named after Victor Savin Mikhail Matveev commented on the situation.

“How do you assess the action?”

“Everyone is free to act as he sees fit, if he doesn’t violate the law. With regard to Viktor Savin, his fate is really dramatic, and perhaps it shouldn’t be used as an example in vain. We just need to know and remember these people. He is the founder of our theater and Komi literature of the XX century. 85-year history of our theater is the history of Victor Savin. Therefore, there should be more serious attitude”.

“What is your attitude towards the initiative to erect a monument to Joseph Stalin in some cities of the country?”

“I won’t speak specifically about the erection of monuments. Time will put everything in its place. We need decades and perhaps centuries to correct accents. We are to live in our big country, and now we have to fit heroes of the civil war in consciousness and culture: white, red, those who built the Soviet Union and those who destructed it. Stalin contributed to the history of the formation of the country's victory in the Great Patriotic War and, of course, has the right to historical memory. On the other hand, it shouldn’t be forgotten that it was a very hard time for people and countries. Many have suffered from repressions, but we shouldn’t swing from one extreme to another now. Name the country where the story developed in a different way. It might look like the whole world lives quietly, and we just rage. Think of France, England, the USA, there was also a lot of complicated, but it is the history.”

Yaroslava Parkhachyova, «7x7»


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