Graduate of the Solotchinsky boarding school proved in court that she had the right to housing Horizontal Russia 0

The decision of the Soviet District Court entered into force; according to it, 9 years after graduating the Solotchinsky boarding school, resident of Ryazan Oksana Dorokhova was finally recognized as "a person deprived of parental care" and won the right to housing.

Oksana’s mother placed her in the orphanage at age 9, because of a visual impairment and tight financial status a woman couldn’t raise her daughter on her own. Nevertheless, she constantly visited Oksana and tried to take the girl home on weekends and holidays. Up to 18 years Oksana was on full state support in the boarding school.

In 2013, the girl filed a complaint about the provision of housing; however, the Ministry of Education responded that since Oksana had no status of "a person deprived of parental care", and she has a settled estate, she didn’t have the right to housing, as other orphans.

With the help of a lawyer of the Ryazan "Memorial" Oksana went to court and proved that the boarding school administration of the Ryazan region illegally settled estate to Oksana, in which the girl had never lived.

Then she went to court again to defend her right to housing. During investigation, the administration official of the Solotchinsky boarding school, called as a witness, claimed that Oksana had been in the boarding school for 8 years "temporary" and therefore can’t be recognized as "a person deprived of parental care". Lawyer of the Ryazan "Memorial" proved that the administration of the boarding school was to restrict the mother of Oksana of parental rights under the law in 1996 and to institutionalize the appropriate status of the girl. Since this wasn’t done girl lost the opportunity to apply for housing after graduation of the boarding school as the other orphans. Having considered the matter, the Soviet District Court decided to accept Oksana’s right to housing and ordered the Ministry of Education to enter her into the list of orphans in need of housing. The court's decision has come into force.

"Because of incompetent actions of the boarding school administration, Oksana didn’t exercise the right to housing in time and couldn’t take advantage of other benefits and rights which were provided for orphans after they reach 18 years. Due to the positive decision of the court Oksana can get not only an estate now, but also those money that has not been paid for studing in educational institution due to lack of appropriate status," the lawyer of the Ryazan "Memorial" Alexander Zarutsky said.


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