With the Ukrainian flag along the boulevard of Chavain Horizontal Russia 0

Yevgeny Pirogov and Kirill Pisniy — social activists and bloggers of «7x7» — walked on the center of Yoshkar-Ola with жовто-блакитні (yellow and blue) banner on Saturday evening.


"If you are going to live in hatred, in feuds and quarrels, then you’ll die yourselves and ruin the land of your fathers and grandfathers, who obtained it by their own efforts...". Activists handed out a copied warning of Yaroslav Mudriy. Someone took leaflets, someone refused. Practically no one reacted on the yellow and blue or, in Ukrainian — жовто-блакитні flag, at least those who contacted with protesters in the area of ​​the entrance to Central Park.


According to Yevgeny Pirogov, an evening walk, started at the Monument of Military Glory, attracted police attention (but if they got to the head of the boulevard of Chavain then without serious consequences) and of a pair of aggressive residents.


Kirill Pisniy wrote on the outcome of the action in his «7x7» blog.

Original: http://7x7-journal.ru/item/41043


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