Consequence of the Mari bus drivers strike becomes an increasing of social responsibility of owner drivers Horizontal Russia 0

Minpromtrans of Mari El assure that owners of private bus routes almost themselves asked to oblige them to consider the tickets and identification of beneficiaries for the duration of the strike of the "Passazhirskiye perevozky" LLC workforce.


However, according to passengers, not all of the owner drivers rushed to implement an agreement reached the day before the strike as of Monday, March 17 (this day the buses, lawfully implemented social transportation, didn’t come to routes). Drivers and conductors of private buses which effect attendance on parallel routes forced beneficiaries to pay for a passage at least until Wednesday (there are numerous complaints available to «7x7»).


On Wednesday, March 19, the media issued a statement of the Minister of Industry, Transport and Roads of Mari El Vyacheslav Pashin, in which he stressed that according to the agreement with owner drivers, effecting attendance on overlapping routes, they are required to serve beneficiaries, considering surrendered travel documents.


And while owner drivers haven’t invented any canny move, that would soothe their plight, it is worth thinking about the nature of their arrangements with officials. Is there any compensation promised for such an initiative? And what of those who were promised a financial recompense for social transportation (the public drivers striking just because of underfunding)? Won’t the owner drivers also eventually strike? It is known that a significant number of bus routes of "Passazhirskiye perevozky" LLC connected the republic's capital with the located nearby villages. Owner drivers can afford pupils, students and pensioners in early spring, but what will they say in a little more than a month, the time of gardeners?



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