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In Arkhangelsk oblast, the court fined activists Drevarkh Prosvetlyonnyi and Eduard Luzhkov, detained at station Shies

Nina Popugayeva

The Vylegodsky district court for Arkhangelsk oblast fined ecoactivist Edward Luzhkov for 700 rubles and Andrei Khristoforov, who call himself Drevarkh Prosvetlyonnyi (the Enlightened), — for 900 rubles for disorderly conduct. It was reported by «7x7» from the court on August 20. 


On August 17, three activists were detained at station Shies: Alexander Peskov, Eduard Luzhkov, and Andrei Khristoforov. Peskov was accused of failure to follow a lawful order of a police officer and of violating pass procedures at an object under guard (articles 19.3 and 20.17 of the Administrative Code) — he went into the closed area "Ecotechnopark Shies". Luzhkov was detained after he tried to take a picture of a police officer's ID. It is still unknown, why Andrei Khristoforov was detained.

Alexander Peskov told the correspondent of "7x7" that he and Andrei Khristoforov petitioned for consideration of their cases without them therefore he knows nothing about the judgment.

Construction of the landfill for Moscow garbage at station Shies in Lensky district of Arkhangelsk oblast began in the summer of 2018. Residents of the region and Komi began to protest, organized a round-the-clock watch at the construction site and held several termless actions in different cities. Other regions also joined the protest.


Nina Popugayeva, «7х7»

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