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The police took three of the detained activists from Shies on a train

Dmitry Stepanovskiy

On August 17, three detained opponents of the landfill construction in Arkhangelsk oblast were taken away from station Shies on a train. The correspondent of "7x7" reported it on the spot. The locomotive with one car arrived at the station to take activists. It went in the direction of Syktyvkar.

As previously reported by "7x7", the police detained Alexander Peskov, Andrei Khristoforov, known as Drevarkh Prosvetlyonnyi (Drevarkh the Enlightened), and Eduard Luzhkov. It happened when a helicopter with fuel for the builders of the landfill reached Shies. Police officers didn't allow to transfer food to the detained activists.

Since the end of 2018, opponents of the construction of the landfill for the storage of Moscow garbage have been watching the site around the clock at station Shies.

In June 2019, company Russian Railways abolished the stopping of passenger trains at station Shies.


Dmitry Stepanovskiy, «7х7»

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