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Guards of the construction of Moscow garbage landfill at Shies station tried to destroy the eco-activists’ flags. The police did not concern this as an offence

The guards on the construction site of the landfill for Moscow garbage at the station of Shies, Arkhangelsk Oblast, tried to destroy the flags, placed by activists on one of the mounds near the eco-watch’s camp. The police officer, who was present at the same time, refused to stop this. Telegram-channel «Pomorye — ne pomoyka!» («Pomorye Is Not a Dump!») reported this on July18.

In the video published in the Telegram-channel, the author of the video is asking the police officer, who introduced himself as the Deputy chief of Arkhangelsk Regional Office of the Ministry of Internal Affairs Vladislav Leonardov, to stop the destruction of activists’ property.

— I don't see any illegal activity. <...> Are those your flags? Then take them away. Who's stopping you? Imagine that I put them near your country house... — said Leonardov.

The correspondent of "7x7" could not clarify, whether the employees of the PSE managed to destroy the flags.

Construction of the landfill for Moscow garbage at the station of Shies in Arkhangelsk Oblast began in the summer of 2018. It is planned to dispose municipal waste from Moscow and Moscow Oblast there. The landfill construction has provoked protests of residents of Arkhangelsk Oblast and the neighboring Komi Republic. In December 2018, the activists organized eco-watch — the camp, whose members are trying to prevent illegal construction of the landfill. The participants of the eco-watch and employees of the PSE had several conflicts, including the use of force. The situation around the landfill is said to be one of the reasons for the possible resignation of the governor of Arkhangelsk Oblast.




Denis Strelkov, «7х7»

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