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In Arkhangelsk Oblast, video connection with the president was moved to the village of Yarensk — 40 kilometers away from Shies

On June 20, the organizers of the live broadcast phone-in with Russian President Vladimir Putin moved the place of video connection in Arkhangelsk Oblast from the station Shies, where a landfill is being built and opponents of its construction gathered, to the village of Yarensk, the administrative center of Lensky district. This was reported from Shies by the correspondent of "7x7".

By various estimates, from 100 to 500 people are waiting at the station Shies for the phone-in. They want to express their protest against the construction of the landfill for Moscow garbage.

Earlier that day, somebody hacked community «Pomorye — ne pomoyka!» («Pomorye Is Not a Dump!») on vk.com and posted a video with negative information about the leaders of the protest in Arkhangelsk Oblast.


The construction of the landfill for garbage import from Moscow and Moscow Oblast began in summer 2018 on the border of Arkhangelsk Oblast and the Komi Republic. Residents of both regions regularly hold mass actions against the construction. Eco-activists are watching the construction in the camp near the landfill.


Karina Zabolotnaya, Denis Strelkov, «7х7»

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