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College teacher in Petrozavodsk made a one-person protest in memory of the children who died at the Syamozero

Denis Strelkov, Sergey Markelov

On June 17, the teacher of Petrozavodsk College of Railway Transport Boris Strogalschikov made a one-person picket near Petrozavodsk City Court in memory of the children who died at the Syamozero on June 18, 2016. This was reported by the correspondent of «7x7».

Strogalschikov told «7x7» that the day before the tragedy, he had drawn attention to the low level of educators’ training and work with children. A few days before the tragedy, he had held two dry hunger strikes in protest, but none of the authorities wanted to talk to him. Strogalschikov believes that if the officials had checked everything beforehand, the children could have been alive:

— The tragedy could have been prevented — by an all-republican inspection in Karelia, by finding out what was found at camps’ trials — defective vests, not related students, leaky canoes, no control of MES... the combination of these factors led to the tragedy. As a teacher, I honor the memory and have started a picket today, because it is necessary to worry about people, about children, but not to put it on the back burner. Guilty people were not punished — they turned it on students. And the Karelian officials, who are responsible for the safety of health camps, took no responsibility.

On March 18, Petrozavodsk city court sentenced director of the camp «Syamozero Park Hotel» Elena Reshetova and her deputy Vadim Vinogradov to 9,5 years in a penal colony. The tragedy on Syamozero occurred on June 18, 2016, when one of the boats with the children turned over during a storm. 14 children drowned.


Denis Strelkov, Sergey Markelov, «7х7»

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