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Employees of the Sevmash plant demanded resignation of the governor of the Arkhangelsk region during a teleconference with Putin

On April 23, workers of the defense production plant "Sevmash" in the city of Severodvinsk of the Arkhangelsk region during a teleconference with President Vladimir Putin hang a banner demanding the resignation of the governor of the Arkhangelsk region Igor Orlov. The videoconferencing was timed to the descent of the nuclear submarine ”Belgorod”. Information about the action of the workers of the plant on April 23 was published by the group “No dump in Rikasikha!!!” on the social network “VKontakte”. It is now deleted (remained repost in other communities).

The group wrote:

“We are not shelupon’! We are employees of the Center for Atomic Shipbuilding of Russia! No dump in Rikasikha! No garbage from other regions! Arkhangelsk region is not a dump!”

These slogans were signed by Piotr Vasilyev, Chairman of the Board of the Severodvinsk Gardeners Union. Vasilyev refused to answer the correspondent of "7x7" whether he wrote this message on his own or someone told him.

It is unknown whether Vladimir Putin reacted to the banner.

The information agency "Belomorkanal", citing its own source at the plant, wrote that the plant management was "furious."

Residents of the Arkhangelsk region are dissatisfied with the construction of two landfills for municipal solid waste — a regional landfill near the village of Rikasikha near Severodvinsk and the ekotekhnopark “Shies” on the border with the Komi Republic — for Moscow and the Moscow region.

On April 5, at a meeting with representatives of veterans and trade union organizations of the Sevmash plant and the Zvezdochka ship repair center, Orlov commented on his low ratings and called people who call him “either Kaliningradets, or Ukrainian” shelupon’ [rabble]. People dissatisfied with Orlov’s work took this statement to their own account and demanded the governor’s resignation.

Denis Strelkov, «7х7»

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