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What is known about the conflict between the builders of the landfill in Shies and activists

Activists and Technopark's management put forward different versions of events

by Anna Stepanova

On the evening of March 14, residents of Urdoma reported on the social network VKontakte that an excavator and two Scania trucks drove up to the trailer of activists on duty at the station near Shies station. According to witnesses, the excavator destroyed the trailer and hit people. On the morning of March 15, another version of events appeared in the anonymous Telegram channel. The police have not yet commented on the incident.


Night incident according to activists

According to activist Anna Stepanova, who was on duty at the watch and was one of the first to be in place, the driver of the excavator was drunk and behaved inadequately, pressed activist Vladimir Kogut to the wall of the trailer with a scoop, and then broke the trailer. Residents of Madmas called the police officers of the Komi Republic, and those – an ambulance for Kogut. He was sent to the hospital of Zheshart, but he refused hospitalization. Police from Komi, referring to the fact that Shies is the territory of the Arkhangelsk region, left, says Stepanova. The police of the Lenskoy District were called up half an hour before midnight, the car from Urdoma arrived only at half past four in the morning, the witnesses were interviewed in the morning.


Version from an anonymous Telegram channel

On the morning of March 15, another version of the incident appeared. Anonymous Telegram channel "Moscow Investor" told the mechanic story:

“Towards night, a group of hard workers from the construction site approached the activists blocking the construction site and very politely asked them to let them and the equipment go in order to leave Shies. There are no diesel fuel for several weeks already, the work stopped, there is no income, we decided to return to the families.”

According to the channel, activists opposing the construction at Shies station put the trailer right on the road, and when the excavator “carefully pushed it away”, “the women began to squeal and the men rushed under the tracks.”

“A bottle of Molotov cocktail was thrown into the excavator, the driver almost burned to death. The activists pulled our excavator operator out of the cab, beat him, and then took him and tied him to a tree in the forest, continuing to beat him for three hours!” reports the Moscow investor.

The same channel published an official statement, allegedly on behalf of Evgeny Penyaev, General Director of Technopark LLC:

“On the night of March 14-15, during the planned relocation of automobiles near the Shies train station, when the builders were leaving the facility and going home, some citizens blocked the passage and tried to intercept the vehicles. The attackers used incendiary bottles. As a result, the excavator was broken. When the vehicle was stopped, the attackers literally pulled people out of it and methodically beat them for several hours. As a result, one of the employees of the contracting organization LLC Technopark Alexey Mikhailovich Kozlov was hospitalized. According to doctors, the condition is severe – a fracture of the spine, a stomach injury, subcapsular rupture of the spleen. The transportation of the injured will be carried out by the helicopter air ambulance to Arkhangelsk. Required allegations are filed with the police and other law enforcement agencies for trials of the incident.”

«7x7» failed to contact the authors of the channel. The correspondent of «7x7» called Technopark LLC, the dispatcher refused to specify who owns this channel in the messenger and offered to write an official request.


Was there Molotov?

Defenders of Shies argue that they did not have a Molotov cocktail.

In the group “Pomorie is not a dump” appeared information about the excavator driver: “On a visual inspection it was clear that he was in a satisfactory condition, he was moving independently. Driver and his wife were in the ward. Health workers took urine for drugs. At 14:40 a helicopter was called for his hospitalization in Moscow. They registered him as a political victim." Activist Anna Stepanova claims that there is no spinal fracture, Kozlov is lying on his side.


What they say in the Interior Ministry

The administration of the Ministry of Internal Affairs for Komi said they were aware of what had happened, but so far they could not comment on the situation. «7x7» could not get operational comment from the press service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Arkhangelsk region.


Video from the scene

In the group “Committee for the Protection of Vychegda” a video was published on which you can see people in vests lying in front of the excavator tracks, the voices of drivers and the words “We are going home” are heard.


The destroyed wagon was not the only point of activists. Along the perimeter of the construction there are three more:

“We had three trailers and a “fire” –  a big tent. Today we brought and set up a tent for 20 people. They smashed one at night, but at the same place a new wagon has already been prepared,” said Anna Stepanova.

On March 15, a presentation of the new plan of Urdoma was planned in Urdoma, which envisages the construction of a landfill near Shies station. Ministry of Construction of the Arkhangelsk region has already tried to hold the presentation, but activists thwarted the event.

In the summer of 2018, in the Lenskoy district at the Shies railway station, the Moscow company Technopark began to build a landfill for municipal solid waste from Moscow with an area of ​​5 thousand hectares. According to preliminary plans, it will be able to receive around the clock from 55 to 90 cars with garbage – up to five trains a day.

Residents of the Arkhangelsk Region and the neighboring Komi Republic began to protest. For six months, people organize rallies, single pickets. The most massive were held on December 2 and February 3, tens of thousands of people took part in them. The protesters were supported by other regions of Russia.

In December 2018, activists opened a round-the-clock watch on Shies, volunteers come every week, they bypass the construction site several times a day and fix violations.

Karina Zabolotnaya, video of Committee for the Protection of Vychegda, «7x7»


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