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All-Russian protest action against the waste reform in seven photos

Faces and slogans — in the "7x7" review

On February 3, a day of protest against the reform of the waste management system took place in Russia. The 7x7 editors chose seven photos from different cities.




In Arkhangelsk, the organizer of the action was the movement "Pomorie is not a garbage dump!". Among the main requirements expressed by the activists was to prevent the importation of Moscow garbage into the region, to stop construction work in the Shies station area, to introduce separate waste collection, to organize a referendum and to dismiss the governor of the region, Igor Orlov. According to the organizer Alexander Peskov, about three thousand people came to the rally. More details.



A picket was held in Izhevsk with 60 participants gathered. Before its start, the police officers detained a civilian activist, who was carrying transparencies to the action in her car, offered her to take an alcohol test, and then took the woman to the drug treatment center, where she was kept during picket. More details.



In Kirov, about 140 people came to the protest. The rally participants criticized the policy of the government of the Kirov region in the field of separate waste collection and the launch of a new landfill site in the Slobodskoy district. Tatyana Stolbova, a representative of the Slobodskoy district against the landfill site, even compared the consequences of a landfill in the center of the region with the effects of chemical bombing of Vietnam. More details.



In Penza, about 70 people attended the rally. People stood with posters "Tariff on garbage — it's robbery!", "Rothenberg, choke down on the garbage of poor people!", "No dump, let us breathe!", "Government — on landfills! According to FZ-503 "On waste". More details.



About 900 people came to the rally in the capital of Komi. One of the participants of the action suggested a peculiar way of fighting the waste reform in the republic: "Each house should take a bag of trash and carry it to the administration building. And let them breath it until they come here and start fighting with us." More details.



Cheboksary meeting gathered about 200 participants. People from not only the republican capital, but also from other cities spoke. For example, a mechanic from the city of Shumerlya Denis Popkov, the father of three children, was indignant that fixed amounts had to be paid even for infants, children and old people. More details.



About 250 people gathered in Yaroslavl. Initially, the organizers planned to hold a rally in the city center, where in April 2018 the first rally was held against the importation of Moscow garbage into the Yaroslavl region. The administration did not respond to activists for three days, and then refused, citing events as part of the Year of Theater. More details.

In most cities, where protests against the reform of the waste management industry and the construction of the landfill at Shies railway station were planned on February 3, local authorities did not allow to hold events in the central squares and agreed on the outskirts and wastelands. «7x7» wrote about the reasons for refusal.

Vladimir Prokushev, «7x7»


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