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Does the government owe you?

Survey among Nizhnevartovsk young citizens

On November 5, at a meeting with Kirovgrad volunteers the director of the youth policy department of the Sverdlovsk region, Olga Glatskyh, said that the government owes nothing to the young generation. Her words provoked a debate in society, the official was reprimanded and suspended. The «7x7» correspondent asked the opinion of young residents of Nizhnevartovsk.


Ksenia Guryeva, 21:

— The government does not just owe us something, but it has obligations to the people, which are specified in the Constitution. We pay taxes, therefore, the government is obliged to create all conditions for a person to live in this very state. This is somewhat similar to mutual aid — we help the state, and it should help us. The United Arab Emirates, take responsibility for every citizen from birth. For example, give a full education. And all costs rest on the shoulders of government, and no other way.


Natalya Chernyshova, designer:

— It seems to me that all officials think so. Pay taxes, excise taxes, fees, deductions and duties to the state, serve in the army, and the state owes you nothing. We have to, and no one owes us? Officials seem to be competing, who would ground people more into the dirt, so that they would feel like a burden. I think this: if the government owes me nothing, then why is it necessary?


Ivan Sukhovertov, host of events:

— No one owes nothing to nobody. I should not “give back to the Motherland,” and the state owes nothing to me. It should only pay pensioners their legal pension, which they earned honestly.


Dmitry Evdokimov, student:

— Of course, it owes. We live in this country, trying to be useful to it, and what do we get in return? I think that higher education should be free. Now many do not complete their education, because at some point the parents and the students themselves simply do not have enough money. I would like to receive real employment assistance. So that I could come to the center of labor and find a good job, and not look for it among private ads on various sites. Our young people really want to learn, they want to work, but nobody wants to help us with this.


Zarina Mirnaya, artist:

— Well, isn't it obvious? It seems to me that the state should help its people, it exists for this purpose. Especially young people, whose life is just beginning. Everyone has different families, someone has the opportunity to provide the child with a future, someone does not. But this is not a reason to abandon people.


Alexey Dubichev, student:

— Isn't that what the state is about? Of course, people and young people in particular need help. Since childhood, all people are told that we have to pay a debt, go to the army. It turns out that we are obliged to the state, but it is not? Residents of the country pay taxes, which, in fact, must go to our own needs.


Danil Polukhin, programmer:

— The government must, it often does not deny its obligations, but does not fulfill. Take, for example, our district program "Affordable Housing for the Young." They themselves put forward the idea and quite good, to help young people and young families to get their own apartment. Only now it is just words and promises. Every year we are increasingly owed to the state: taxes, fines, VAT are growing. But we no longer receive assistance in response. How to get an education, when even in local universities one year of education costs about 150 thousand rubles, I'm not talking about metropolitan institutes. I think they are trying to deceive us somehow.

Anna Volkova, young mother:

— I kind of agree. Young people themselves do not want to achieve anything. They only go to clubs, travel, do selfies. They don’t even think about the family. They have parents, they have hands and feet, they can cope on their own; but the government is obliged to help young families, especially lonely moms.

Daria Becker, photos by the author, «7x7»


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